Prof. M. López Bejar, DVM, PhD, Animal Anatomy and Health Department, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (

Dr. López Bejar collaborates with us as PhD thesis director of Agustina Alessandroni (affiliated with CIRH) who is carrying out a project characterizing extracelular vesicles in seminal fluid in our laboratory.

Agustí García Peiró, PhD, Centro de Infertilitat Masculina de Barcelona (

Collaborates with CIRH on projects related to sperm double strand DNA fragmentation and sperm telomere length.

Miguel Angel Checa, IRDC (

Collaborates with CIRH as PhD supervisor of Karinna Lattes, who is comparing reproductive and perinatal outcomes in patients undergoing IVF cycles with fresh or frozen embryo transfers.


CIRH collaborates with Benedicte Jacquemin, MD from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health, center for the development of advanced epidemiological research on environmental factors affecting human health. Specifically, we study the effect of lifestyle factors and air pollutants on sperm quality.