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The information provided on this website serves to support, but in no case replace the relationship between patient and doctor.

This website has been specially designed to provide general, qualified and updated information on assisted reproduction and a range of treatments.

Its content is intended for a wide audience, therefore, the language used is intended to be accessible and includes graphical illustrations designed to facilitate understanding.

As one would expect, the information contained here is general in nature. The peculiarities of each case are developed through direct contact with our experts.

The information contained herein has been prepared and is regularly reviewed by an editorial team led by Dra. Rita Vassena and Dr. Amelia Rodríguez-Aranda (GMC No. : 46882). This team can be accessed here.

This website is the property of EUVITRO S.L.U and does not contain any advertising whatsoever. Thus, there is no conflict of interest that may influence the information described herein.

The copy of any part of this content must be authorised by its owner.

The artwork appearing on this website is owned by IVF Research Network and its reproduction or dissemination, either totally or partially, in other media or platforms is strictly forbidden.


EUVITRO S.L.U., company owner of the website VF Research Network only obtains and keeps the following information of the visitors to our website:

  1. The IP address that gives access to the Internet. This way, we can draw up statistics on the countries and servers that access to our website with most frequency.
  2. The date and time of access to our website. This allows us to find out at which time the highest number of people access to our website and to make the necessary adjustments to avoid problems of saturation at peak times.
  3. The number of pages consulted and the length of time that each has been kept open for, as well as the entry and exit pages to and from the website and the route of the clicks carried out. With this information, we can establish the priorities of our visitors and discover the most popular areas in order to improve their content, with the aim of providing the users with results that are more satisfactory.
  4. The Internet address which contained the link that led to our website. Thanks to this information, we can judge the effectiveness of the different banners and links that redirect users to our server with the aim of maximising those which provide the best results.
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