Prof. D. Grinberg, Genetics, Microbiology and Statistics Department, University of Barcelona (

Our research unit collaborates with Dr. Grinberg’s lab in defining the funcion of lncRNA in oocyte biology.

Prof. J. Santaló, Cell Biology, Physiology and Immunology Department, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (

In collaboration with Dr. Santaló (as PhD thesis director of Merixtell Martinez), we are improving the use of Time Lapse Systems for embyo morphokinetic evaluation.

Prof. R. Oliva, Department of Biomedicine, University of Barcelona (

This collaboration focuses on proteomic analysis of sperm.

Prof. I. Vernos, Center for Genomic Regulation (

Our laboratories interact on several aspects of the biology of tubulin, the centrosome, and the meiotic spindle.

Prof. M. López Bejar, DVM, PhD, Animal Anatomy and Health Department, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (

Dr. López Bejar collaborates with us as PhD thesis director of Agustina Alessandroni (affiliated with CIRH) who is carrying out a project characterizing extracelular vesicles in seminal fluid in our laboratory.