Reprod Biomed Online. 2007 Apr;14(4):488-94.

Fertility assessment in non-infertile HIV-infected women and their partners.


The objective of the study was to assess the fertility of non-infertile couples seeking pregnancy in whom the woman was HIV infected. Therefore, a cross-sectional study was conducted between January 1998 and March 2005. A standardized fertility assessment was performed in all the included couples. A total of 130 women and 121 men were evaluated. Their median age was 34 years (range 22-43). Only 7.2% of the women were severely immunocompromised. The majority of women had regular cycles. Only one woman had an active sexually transmitted disease at the time of evaluation. A tubal occlusion on hysterosalpingogram was present in 27.8% of the women with no proven fertility. In 50.5% of the women, hepatitis C virus co-infection was present. One-third of the male partners (38/121) was infected with HIV. Abnormal semen parameters were observed in 83.4% of HIV-infected and 41.7% of HIV-uninfected partners (OR = 7; 95% CI = 2.1-23). It is concluded that the great majority of the HIV-infected women seeking pregnancy had a good infection status. Because in many of the couples, the women presented unexplained tubal occlusions and the men presented semen alterations, a hysterosalpingography and semen analysis should be part of the preconceptional investigations.

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Year: 2007

Journal: Reproductive Biomedicine Online

PMID: 17425832