Fertil Steril. 2009 Apr;91(4 Suppl):1489-92. doi: 10.1016/j.fertnstert.2008.07.1762. Epub 2008 Sep 14

Poor outcome in oocyte donation after elective transfer of a single cleavage-stage embryo in Turner syndrome patients.


In this retrospective, matched study we evaluated the outcome of 31 oocyte donation (OD) cycles performed in 29 Turner syndrome (TS) patients involving the elective transfer of a single, fresh cleavage-stage (day 2 to 3) embryo. Due to the fact that ongoing pregnancy rate was statistically significantly lower (3.2% versus 22.5%) in TS patients when compared with matched, non-TS recipients, other strategies (such as single blastocyst transfer) should be evaluated that could enable better outcomes and at the same time avoid potential complications related to multiple pregnancies in this particularly high obstetric-risk group.

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Year: 2009

Journal: Fertility and sterility

PMID: 18793776