Biogenesi, Italy

Biogenesi researchers are engaged both in research on reproductive cells and in the study of the pharmacological treatment of infertile couples. In particular, our research explores topics such as oocyte and embryo quality through the use of cutting edge non-invasive technologies, as well as the optimization of pharmacological protocols customized for different types of infertility.

Our most recent studies have enabled us to:
• Find out which morphological abnormalities of the oocyte are correlated with the reduced capacity of the embryo to develop in vitro, resulting in a consequent reduction in the success rate.
• To develop predictive algorithms based on “non-invasive” morphological evaluation criteria to allow embryologists to make a more conscious choice of embryos to be used in IVF treatments.
• Apply customized drug therapies, based on the characteristics of individual patients, to obtain the highest success rate from each treatment for each individual patient

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